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We are pleased to offer a limited time only 20% discount on all individual device licenses. If you already have devices, you can buy licenses for only US$20 per device(20% discount of our list price of $25).

Here are two easy steps to order your licenses:

1) List of all your device models and serial numbers

Download by clicking the link and extract GetDeviceList.exe from it. Switch your system to console mode(this step is necessary even you are connecting server via a RDP session), login as administrator, run “GetDeviceList.exe > DeviceList.txt” under a command prompt as administrator.

Then email the generated text file DeviceList.txt to us at The content of the text file should look like the following lines:











Or if you only have a few devices, just write down the numbers from the displayed watermarks on the screen, for example just write down PID_030B_CNV93207ZG
if you see “Visit to license this device PID_030B_CNV93207ZG”, and email the list to us at

Alternatively, write down the model name and serial number labeled on your device, and email the list to us at at

2) Click the “Buy Now” button below

and you will see “OSBASE LLC” as payee and item price, enter the number of devices as Quantity.

Once we receive your paypal payment and device list, we’ll promptly email you a list of product keys that will activate the software and remove the visual watermarks.

You’ll receive a text file containing your list of product keys in the form of a registry file, you can just rename the suffix to .reg file and double click it as administrator and all keys will be installed. Activation is effective upon next system
reboot, or you can unplug and replug individual devices to make them effective right away without having to reboot the system.

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