Display Wall

Our iDisplay(TM) driver software enables convenient and inexpensive setup of display walls using a single PC running on regular Windows 7/8/8.1/10, currently supported are DisplayLink’s DL1XX and Microchip’s UFX6000/7000 based devices. Please click iDisplay for download and installation instructions.

Before installing, please make sure all prior versions of our drivers are uninstalled. Reboot is required after uninstalling.
Reboot is also required after installation.

In addition, the following registry configuration allows more than 16 displays.
Here is an example of how we can configure 4 displays to a 2x2Wall0 and another 4 displays to a 2x3Wall1(note 2 displays is missing from this wall) plus a group of 2 mDisplays. Also each Wall display can be customized with Width, Height, Rotation, OriginX and OriginY as shown in the example.
Config2DisplayWalls.reg can be downloaded by clicking here.
Config2DisplayWallsWithRotations.reg can be downloaded by clicking here.
“USBROOT_HUB_GENERICREV_02015D05BB5D”=dword:80000010 <=== 2x2Wall0
“USBROOT_HUB_GENERICREV_02015D05BB8C”=dword:80000020 <=== 2x2Wall0
“USBVID_0424PID_9D010140416050″=dword:80000030 <=== 2x2Wall0
“USBVID_0424PID_9D010140422002″=dword:80000001 <=== 2x3Wall1
“USBVID_0424PID_9D010140416015″=dword:80000011 <=== 2x3Wall1
“USBVID_0424PID_9D0100000009A7″=dword:80000021 <=== 2x3Wall1
“USBVID_0424PID_9D01014041601A”=dword:80000000 <=== 2x2Wall0
“USBROOT_HUB_GENERICREV_020198000B07″=dword:80000031 <=== 2x3Wall1
“USBVID_17E9PID_4132UHBA1509025651″=dword:40000000 <=== M0
“USBVID_17E9PID_03AADSGC8JA000895″=dword:40000000 <=== M0
“Rotation”=dword:00000000 <=== 0 degree rotated, origin is at top left corner
“Rotation”=dword:0000005A <=== 90 degree rotated, origin is at bottom left corner
“Rotation”=dword:000000B4 <=== 180 degree rotated, origin is at bottom right corner
“Rotation”=dword:0000010E <=== 270 degree rotated, origin is at top right corner

Please go to the OSBASE Store for license purchase instructions. We value all your feedback and suggestions, please email kanqiu@osbase.com for all communications including purchase and support. Thank you for supporting our software.

Tested Products:
HP Compaq L2311c 23-inch Notebook Docking Monitor
Plugable UGA-165
Plugable UD-160-m
Plugable DC-125
HP MultiSeat T100, T150 and T200 Zero Clients,LD4730, LD4730G, LD4735, LD5535, B421
Atrust m200 and m300 series
ViewSonic® VMA10, VMA15, VMA20 and VMA25
LG N195WU and N225WU Monitors
Philips 221S3UCB USB Monitor
Lenovo Lenovo USB 2.0 Port Replicator
Centerm C75 and CT200
ThinGlobal MiniPoint Ethernet
Lenkeng LVV376 PC to HDMI over LAN
Phistek ZE6000 and ZE5000

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